New Construction

Brick Cleaning
New construction brick cleaning is a specialty of ours.  Mortar tags and splatters are scraped to remove the sand then a cleaning solution is sprayed on the all of bricks to remove any mortar residue.  Then we rinse the brick with the correct pressure.  All windows, soffits and doors are low pressure rinsed to remove any dirt or sand.

We are very careful not to put the MARK OF ZORRO or scar the brick with high pressure.

Flatwork Cleaning
SURFACE CLEANERS we wash all concrete flatwork below slab level.  Including the garage floor, driveway, walkways, rear patio and city sidewalks where necessary. Our high pressure cleaning removes drywall mud, paint and dirt from the flatwork and we leave the surface clean and ready to be sealed.  Curb cleaning is also available.

Paint Removal
Using an excellent paint remover we can remove graffiti, paint stains under outside water faucets, spilled or dripped paint on brick and concrete.

Mud Rings
The “MUD RING” is the brown stain at the bottom of your house.  We clean this as we do a “brick clean”.  But if your house has been without gutters or sod between our cleaning and closing this can be removed.